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What is Post Natal Massage?

Post Natal massage is a specialized form of massage therapy for new moms that facilitates their physical and emotional healing after giving birth. Various forms of massage, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jamu (Malay), Swedish, and Ayurvedic, are used after giving birth.

The massage is effective to help mothers recover and bring them back to pre-pregnancy state. It can help help to reshape womb, reduce water retention and tighten loose skin.

Many Singaporean mothers sing the benefits of postnatal massage, making it the treatment of choice after birth.

Binding or wrapping the stomach helps return the belly to its pre-pregnancy shape.

In addition to easing the physical and emotional strain of the postpartum period, massage for new mothers can aid in general health and weight loss. It’s also a great way to beat baby blues and get back in shape after giving birth.


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When to start Post Natal Massage?

when to start post natal massage

Postpartum women can experience both mental and physical strain. The benefits of massage treatment for new mothers extend beyond the confines of pregnancy and into the early days as caregivers.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, post natal massage can help you:

  1. Aching in back
  2. Cramps and Spasms
  3. Migraines and headaches
  4. Bloatedness in tummy
  5. Muscle pain
  6. Stretch marks
  7. Insomnia

Post natal massage can begin as early as 5–7 days after a natural birth/delivery for the mother. We highly suggest pre-purchasing the classes to guarantee your participation.

Waiting at least 21 days before having a C-section is recommended. The belly will not be massaged until after 21 days, however massage is permitted earlier (depending on recovery).

Post Natal Massage Package Promotion

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Post Natal Massage Benefits

Postpartum massages contains many physical and psychological benefits. Regular full body massage facilitates the release of endorphins to relaxes the body to alleviate psychological, emotional, and physical stress.

As an alternative to the traditional Jamu massage, we use TCM Chinese massage techniques that focus on meridians and tummy bindings to restore the stomach.

tone body post natal massage


Getting post natal massage after birth can help tighten body, especially for your stomach and legs. Massage after giving birth can aid in weight loss and the recovery from childbirth by increasing metabolic rate and decreasing fluid retention.

reduce swelling post natal massage


Swelling in the limbs, legs, and back is common after giving birth. Getting a massage on a regular basis might help alleviate muscle tension and minimize edema.

breast massage post natal massage


Engorgement and plugged ducts are common problems for nursing mothers. Breast massage after giving birth has been shown to improve blood flow, reduce engorgement, and stimulate a more consistent milk supply.

womb recovery post natal massage


After giving birth, uterine contractions help clean the area by expelling blood and other debris. Massage of the abdomen after giving birth aids the uterus in its natural cleansing process and in returning to its pre-pregnancy size and form.

reduce stress post natal massage


Women can suffer from a severe form of depression called postpartum depression after giving birth. Tension, stress, and other heightened emotions may all be reduced with a postnatal massage.

improve sleep post natal massage


Maintaining a healthy mental state is essential as your body goes through the process of postpartum adjustment. Constant disruptions and interruptions to your sleep schedule are to be expected after the birth of a child. If you’re having trouble sleeping after giving birth, a massage can be just the thing to help.

Post Natal Massage Review

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Post Natal Massage Singapore Promotion / Trial


3 Sessions  —————————————— $255

6 Sessions + 1 Free Session ———————– $540

10 Sessions + 2 Free Session ———————– $900

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+ HOME VISIT ($38)

Can I Shower After Post Natal Massage?

No matter if you’ve just had a postnatal massage or any other kind of massage, you should wait at least two hours before getting in the shower.

Please wait at least 6 hours before showering after receiving a postnatal massage, since this may reduce the effectiveness of the tummy binding technique used during the massage. It’s fine to take a bath or shower before your massage.

How often should I do Postnatal Massage

The frequency of postnatal massage sessions should be set in large part by the mother’s goals and financial situation. The more treatments you get, the better off you’ll be.

If you want to reap the full therapeutic benefits of postnatal massage, it’s best to get one once each week.


Is Post Natal Massage Painful?

A postnatal massage in Singapore is a soothing, pain-free therapeutic option. Benefits to both mental and physical health are numerous. With regular massages, you can expect to return to your pre-pregnancy state much more quickly.

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