Lymphatic Drainage Massage
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lymphatic drainage massage

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clear lymph nodes for improved immunity

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Singapore

lymphatic drainage massage singapore

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialised treatment using herbal oil to promote the lymph’s natural drainage. The lymph is a fluid that moves waste away from the tissues and aids in waste elimination. The massage focuses along lymph nodes to efficiently:

  1. Boost immune system
  2. Clear lymph nodes blockages 
  3. Increase flow of metabolic waste
  4. Stimulate increase in metabolism

Our award winning massage delivers complete therapeutic method that involves a gentle, rhythmic techniques to naturally encourage the flow of lymph fluid.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Suitable for me?

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Weak Immune System

The lymphatic system transports toxins, waste & proteins

It is important to drain lymph nodes to fight infections & boost immunity

Relief Water Retention

The lymphatic system drains any extra fluids still present in the cells and returns them to the circulatory system

Overall water retention in body will decrease

Blood Circulation

Clearing lymphatic nodes can improve flow of blood

With better circulation, immune system will boost and you will feel less tired

Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The lymphatic system is a network of lymph nodes and veins that transports toxins, waste, proteins, and lipids. It fights viruses, collects body toxins and flushes them out via lymph nodes. Regular lymph drainage promotes better circulation and immune system regulation. 

Using light rhythmic massage technique, it involves specialized movements and gentle pumping. Skin pressure should be light unlike a TCM massage. Mild stretching increases the lymphatic flow of metabolic waste, extra fluid, and bacteria. Overall, it can help to reduces water retention. 

The massage has preventative and restorative effects. It helps post-op healing, reduces pain, clears congestion, softens skin, and reduces scarring. It helps sinus problems, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and swollen ankles.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The advantages are:

Blood Circulation – stimulate circulation from lymph nodes

Remove Water RetentionReduce build up of fluid in body

Boost ImmunityStimulate flow of toxins out of body

Improve SleepHelps with insomnia and sleep troubles

Increase MetabolismReduce weight through water retention

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How does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

post natal massage step 1

Warm Up & Relax

Step 1

Put your body in a relaxed state. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, the therapist will evaluate your physique.

post natal massage step 3

Lymphatic Massage

Step 3

Slow and gentle light pressure massage to target lymph nodes to stimulate lymphatic system

post natal massage step 2

Relieve Swelling and Excess Water

Step 2

Target lymph nodes to rid of excess fluids towards the circulatory system 


Unwind & Relax

Step 4

Allow the benefits of lymphatic massage to improve overall immunity and health.

How Often to do Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Treatment Time 60 mins - 90 mins
Recommended Sessions 4 sessions monthly
Recommended Intervals Every Week
Recommended Intervals Every 2 - 4 Weeks
Is there any down time? 0 days

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Price

We offer a range of different body massage price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.


60 mins $158  First Trial $58

*Prices are excluded GST. GST applies.

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full body lymphatic drainage massage

Lose Weight with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

You can reduce weight and enhance your general health by receiving regular lymphatic massage. The massage helps to drain toxins and excess fluids ‘trapped’ in the lymph nodes. 

It can help the body lose extra weight while also removing impurities from the pores and reducing puffiness on the skin, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.  

Lymphatic vessels help regulate the body’s fluid levels. When extra fluid isn’t drained out, water builds up and causes water retention. When lymph fluids leave the lymph nodes and reach the subclavian veins, the lymphatic system drains the cells of any remaining fluid and sends it back into the bloodstream.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Singapore Review

Lymphatic Drainage Massage FAQ

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we recommend doing lymphatic massage at least once a month

However for maximum benefits, it is recommended to do once a week.

It is important to constantly stimulate lymph nodes for stronger immunity and increased metabolism.

The signs and symptoms of a blocked lymph nodes are as follows:

Swelling in hands fingers

Body aching in the morning

Coldness in hands and feet

Light heads

Chronic Fatigue

Mild Depression


Weight Gain

Lymphatic massage is not suitable for the following:

  • Kidney and liver issues
  • Lymphoma
  • Oedema
  • Thrombosis
  • Breast feeding (to inform therapist)

Please inform us if you have the following:

  • Under the influence of drugs or Alcohol
  • Recent operations 1 years for major and 6 month for minor
  • Cancer
  • Skin diseases
  • Any fracture
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy Menstrual flow
  • Uncontrolled High blood pressure
  • Contagious diseases including any of fever, cold or flu no matter how mild it may seem

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