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Post Natal Massage Singapore

What is Post Natal Massage?

Post natal massage is an important process to help mothers heal physically and emotionally after giving birth. Physical and mental health can both improve after pregnancy, but only when the body has recovered from the stresses of giving birth. Our postnatal massage programme was developed to specifically:

  1. Return body to pre pregnancy conditions
  2. Stimulate lactation 
  3. Reshape womb and reduce swelling
  4. Relief water retention

Our award winning massage delivers complete recovery to restore hormone levels to those before pregnancy.

Recommended Post Natal Massage Singapore

Find out why you should consider post natal massage Singapore right after birth? 

Relieve Water Retention

Water retention and weight increase after birth. Postpartum is effective in reducing water retention in tummy and thighs.

The massage enhances blood circulation, promoting fat loss.

Restore Womb

Womb will go through significant changes through childbirth

Womb massage aids in womb recovery and care by realignment of the pelvic muscles.

Improve Sleep

New mothers feel exhausted after childbirth. Postnatal massage can ease tiredness for better sleep quality.

Postpartum massage can ease muscle tension, promote blood circulation and reduce stress.

Improve Mood

Regular postnatal massage can improve anxiety and depression. Even postpartum depression affect new mums

Massage will reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Improve Lactation

Breast massages will naturally lowers stress, improves blood flow and reduces swelling.

Lactation massage will assist to reduce engorgement and boost milk supply.

Relief Swelling

Swelling will occur regardless of natural birth or c-section.

Postpartum massage relieves muscle stress & soreness, especially in the hip, lower back, and belly.

Best Post Natal Massage Singapore


Your body goes through a lot of changes in the first few weeks after giving birth. Mild to severe cramping, weak abdominal muscles, and swollen, painful breasts are common pregnancy symptoms. 

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we have over 30 years experience in post natal massage and postpartum care. We invest in technologies to expedite skin tightening, improve Diastasis Recti, improve incontinence and removal of unwanted fats

Join our family of satisfied mummies in your post natal recovery journey. We are rate one of the best post natal massage in Singapore and a one stop solution to all your postpartum needs.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

The benefits of postpartum massage are:

Pre Pregnancy Bodyrestore abdomen & pelvis back to pre pregnancy state

Remove Excess FluidsAid in the removal of excess fluids

Relieve stressEase emotional stress and muscle pain

Restore WombEliminate water retention and wrap tummy

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Your Postpartum Recovery Journey

post natal massage step 1

Warm Up & Relax

Step 1

Put your body in a relaxed state. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, the therapist will evaluate your physique.

post natal massage step 2

Relieve Swelling and Excess Water

Step 2

Find the bodily parts that are impacted by water retention and swelling. Pregnancy edema frequently affects the thighs and calves.

post natal massage step 3

Postpartum Massage

Step 3

We relieve your tension by addressing your emotional and physical discomforts. The postnatal massage will concentrate on the physical discomfort brought on by back muscle strain and pressure on the knees.


Reposition and Recover Womb

Step 4

Our postnatal massage therapists are skilled in providing particular attention to the abdomen. The uterus will contract and function better as a result of the stimulating massage. It will help you lose weight and return hormones to pre-pregnancy levels over time.

post natal massage step 5

Lactation Breast Massage (Add On)

Step 5

Breast massage can help to promote a healthy milk flow. engorgement issue is fixed to enhance lactation.

post natal massage step 6

TCM Meridian Massage

Step 6

A disruption in the body’s energy (qi) and blood flow is brought on by the delivery process. Our Meridian-focused massages maintain a balanced Qi and remove obstructions.

post natal massage step 7

Jamu Mask

Step 7

Jamu, which is stuffed with ginger, turmeric, and other spices, helps to calm the stomach’s excess “wind.” Balances hormones and promotes health and vigor in the body.

post natal massage step 8

Boost Vitality

Step 8

At the conclusion of our Postpartum Massage, you will enter into a state of complete mental and physical relaxation.

Relaxing Post Natal Massage

Treatment Time 60 mins - 90 mins
Recommended Sessions 4 sessions monthly
Recommended Intervals Every 2 - 4 Weeks
How many days after Natural Birth 3 - 5 days
How many days after C-Section 21 days

Post Natal Massage Price

We offer a range of different Post natal massage price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.

60 mins $108  First Trial $78
90 mins $158  First Trial $108
120 mins $198 First Trial $138

*Home visit is only available for 5 session onwards packages


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jamu vs tcm post natal massage

Jamu vs TCM Post Natal Massage

TCM Massage is effective to restore blood flow slowed by birth and cultivates and balances Qi to prevent poor energy. Using Tui Na, the massage can repositions the uterus, reduces water retention and wind. The masseuse uses meridian lines to speed up the mother’s recovery. 

The Jamu massage is a complete body oil massage using Jamu products. This massage addresses extra fluid retention while avoiding sensitive areas. It is a common to use binder to tightly wrapped from the ribcage to the hips, helping to tone your stretched abdomen skin. It improves posture by straightening the spine. 

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we practise a holistic approach of both the Jamu and TCM massage so you can experience the best of both world. From the tui na techniques along the meridian points to slimming wrap, we cover it all. Experience you postpartum recovery journey with ease.

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Post Natal Massage for C-Section


For mothers who underwent cesarean delivery (C-section) should wait at least 21 days or full recovery before post natal massage,. As the sutures from a C-section may take weeks to heal, it is best to avoid the belly area.

For some cases, mothers can attempt postpartum massage before the 21 days, however the stomach area will not be touched. It is important to seek an experienced establishment like Cosmo Medical Spa for such scenario.

Postnatal massage has benefits regardless of delivery methods. It calms pain and strengthens muscles physically and mentally.

Post Natal Massage Home Service


At Cosmo Medical Spa, we understand not all mummies want to leave the comfort of their home right after birth. As such, we do offer postnatal home service for your convenience. 

Our home visit package offers 5, 7 , 10 sessions package with transport charges and binders all inclusive. We offer full transparent pricing and do not practise hard selling. 

You can enhance your experience with our signature slimming massage to expedite your recovery back to pre-pregnancy levels. Contact us today.

Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

Follow the post natal massage review of Sherlyn Chan (sherlynchanwp) on her postpartum journey with Cosmo Medical Spa

Post Natal Massage FAQ

It is important to ensure you are physically prepared before getting a postnatal massage

For natural birth / vaginal delivery, your postnatal massage can start as soon as 5 to 7 days after the delivery date.

For  C-Section / Caesarean section, it is recommended to wait at least 21 days before considering.

Although not recommended, it is possible to attempt postnatal massage after C-Section / Caesarean section before the 21 days, however, there will be no contact with the belly / tummy area.

How many postnatal massage sessions are advised? is a question we get asked frequently. The decision to receive a postnatal massage largely depends on the client and their budget.

The more sessions will help your body heal more quickly and return to its pre-pregnancy state. Typically, we advise beginning with at least 6 sessions.

You may be able to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape with postnatal massage therapy. Benefits including reducing engorgement, improving milk flow, and speeding up the process of contracting your womb back into place are all possible.

Yes, postnatal massage is definitely necessary for proper recovery, mentally and physically. 98% of our contented mothers would agree that post-natal massage is crucial and necessary for their recovery from childbirth.

The advantages of postpartum massage include:

Enhance the flow of energy and blood
Relax tense, aching muscles.
Stop womb from drooping and remove Locia, the wind, and any trapped wind
Boost lactation
Womb Healing
Optimal physical and mental health

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