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Hydra Peel Facial Singapore

hydrafacial singapore

What is Hydra Peel Facial?

Hydra Peel facial is a non-invasive, multi action facial to treat oily, dry, congested, and acne-prone skin. It combines hydradermabrasion, chemical peel, and painless extractions in one procedure with no down time.

  1. Peel & exfoliate top layer of dead skin
  2. Eliminate pigments & age spots
  3. Reduce large pores
  4. Kills acne causing bacteria

You can expect brighter and cleaner face with our medically formulated peels from just one visit.

Is Hydra Peel Facial Suitable for me?

Find out whether our signature facial is suitable for you

Dry Skin

Hyaluronic acid rich in antioxidants and peptides is infused into the

Hydra peel facial to hydrate your skin. Maintaining constant skin hydration will avoid flaking and dry skin.


When an acid is applied to the skin, it penetrates into the dermis layer, where acne is active.

The acid’s reaction dissolves bacteria and oil and removes skin pigmentation.

Acne Skin

Applying salicylic acid to the skin will cause it to penetrate the dermis layer, where acne is active.

The acid’s reaction will dissolve any bacteria or oil present there, avoiding an acne breakout.

Voted Best Facial Treatment


A step above from the conventional microdermabrasion is the hydra peel facial. Using a three-step approach for deep cleaning, chemical peel exfoliation, and antioxidant serum injection, this treatment will leave your skin hydrated and bright.

The facial starts with a special vacuum suction to clear your pores from tenacious pollutants, dead skin, and trapped sebum. In order to guarantee that all blackheads and whiteheads are gone, manual extraction can also be done later.

Mild chemical peel acid would be infused to extensively exfoliate the pores and remove any remaining congestion. Finally, to ensure strong hydration, an antioxidant-rich serum containing peptides and hyaluronic acid would be infused.

Benefits of Hydra Peel Facial

The advantages of hydra peel facial are:

Deep Cleanse – cleanse pores thoroughly to rid of blackheads

Chemical Peel – gently exfoliate with lactic acid

Hydrate Skin – infused with HA serum & peptides

Glowing Skin – instantly brighten skin 

For Most Skin Type – suitable for most skin types

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How Does Hydra Peel Facial Work?

hydrafacial 1

Step 1

Exfoliate & Cleanse

In order to get rid of obstinate pollutants, dead skin, and trapped sebum in your pores, Hydrapeel uses a vacuum suction technique.

hydrafacial 2

Step 2

Gentle Chemical Peel

Acid from a chemical peel will be injected into the pores to completely remove any dirt that may still be remaining. The pores will be thoroughly cleaned in this process.

hydrafacial 3

Step 3

Infused Hyaluronic Acid

Finally, a serum loaded with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants will ensure intense hydration for a long-lasting outcome.

hydrafacial 4

Step 4

Hydrate & Protect

The absorption of hyaluronic acid serum to intensively hydrate skin and finish the treatment with SPF 50+ sunscreen

Acne Deep Cleansing Facial

Facial Equipment Hydra Peel Facial
Treatment Time 30 – 90 mins
Recommended Sessions 6 - 8 sessions
Recommended Intervals Every 1 Weeks
Recovery Time Minimal down time

How much does HydraFacial cost / price?

We offer a range of different facial price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.


TYPE Usual Price  First Trial 
30 mins $148
60 mins $248  First Trial $68
90 mins $348  First Trial $138


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best hydrafacial

Most Valuable Facial?

In contrast to other popular facial treatments on the market, Hydra Peel facial is voted the “only facial you will ever need”. In terms of effectiveness and price of treatment, it is a top contender when it comes to facial.

Hydra peel facial is a multi-action procedure made to treat acne, congested skin, and oily skin while also hydrating and protecting the skin.

It can be customised to meet your unique beauty objectives. No Pain, No Downtime & Visible Results from 1st Session. Skin conditions including dryness, sensitivity, and acne are problems of the past.


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Hydra Peel Facial Before and After

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Hydra Peel Facial Review

Hydra Peel Facial FAQ

If you have any of the following conditions, we do not recommend the facial:

Treatment is not necessary for people who:

  • having recently taken Roaccutane
  • have autoimmune disorders
  • expecting or nursing
  • have had cold sores within the last month
  • have had cosmetic injections within the last week
  • have recently undergone other procedures such as laser, chemical peels, or waxing on the area
  • have a lymphatic disorder
  • active eczema
  • open wounds, or new scars on the area.

Additionally, Retinol and Retin-A products must be avoided for two days prior to and following treatment for all individuals receiving treatment.

The facial comes in three duration: 30 min, 6o mins and 90 mins.


hydrafacial steps

The Hydra Peel Facial procedure is suitable for people of all ages, skin tones, and kinds.

The Hydra Peel Facial treatment is easily tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

Our experienced aesthetic therapists, will consult you with a detailed skin assessment and tailor the course of action to your unique skin issues and requirements.

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we take great pride in adopting a no pressure / hard selling experience.

As part of the customers’ comfort upon entering the premises, we adopted a no-hard-sell strategy. Our seasoned therapist will give you packages, but you will not be subjected to any unwanted coercion.

We consider product and service quality to be of the utmost significance.

After just one treatment, you will notice an immediately improvement on your skin.

For best results, specific skin issues (such acne or pigmentation) may necessitate multiple treatments.

Regular visits every four to six weeks are advised for best benefits over the medium to long term, along with a regimen of medical-grade skincare products.

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