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TCM Massage Singapore

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What is TCM Massage?

TCM massage lowers stress and relieves physical discomfort by focusing on the body’s meridian points, which also help to regulate the flow of blood and energy. The massage consists of:

  1. Deep Tissue Tuina Massage
  2. Choose between Ba Guan or Gua Sha
  3. Heat Therapy

Our signature massage will help strengthen Qi, remove obstructions, and enhance blood flow.

Recommended TCM Massage Singapore

Find out why you should consider TCM massage

Internal Health

Meridian energy channels can help to improve internal health.

Transport Qi throughout the body linked to major organs.

Relief Swelling

Tuina relieves muscle soreness, especially in the hip, lower back, and belly.

It also stimulates Qi to flow and release tension reducing pain and tightness

Relieve Pain

Tuina is intended to improve overall health and speed up healing of injuries.

This is accomplished by stimulating the body’s meridian points

How does TCM Massage Improve Health?


Incorrect Qi flow can lead to blockages, such as poor blood circulation, stress, and pain in the affected area. This causes the accumulation of toxin and illnesses in the body over time. 

TCM Massage (Tuina) focuses on the body’s meridian points to ease and unblock areas of stress in the body and releasing the sick energy. You can expect alleviation of tension and tightness in the body.

Tuina massage can increase the body’s immunity and circulation for restorative and revitalizing effects. It is also a great treatment for pain reduction and treating of a variety of chronic diseases and sub-health conditions.

Benefits of TCM Massage

The advantages of TCM massage are:

Reduce pain – help reduce pain and inflammation

Stimulate digestion – Clear blockages for better Qi flow

Detox internal body – Remove waste and toxins

Stimulate blood flow – Boost immunity with healthier blood flow

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How does TCM Massage work?

tcm massage 1

Warm Up & Relax

Step 1

Put your body in a relaxed state. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, the therapist will evaluate your physique.

tcm massage 2

TCM Massage Tuina

Step 2

This massage concentrates on the pressure points along the meridian channels in order to drain toxins from the lymphatic system and stimulate digestion.

tcm massage ba guan cupping

Cupping / Gua Sha / Heat Therapy

Step 3

To alleviate pain and detoxify the body, Cupping, Gua Sha, or Heat Therapy will be advised according on the type of bodily condition.

tcm massage 4

Unwind and Relax

Step 4

To complete the holistic experience, relish our Signature Digestion Detox Tea.

Best TCM Massage Singapore

Treatment Time 75 mins
Recommended Sessions 4 sessions Monthly
Recommended Intervals Every Week
Recovery No Down time
Recommended for Body Ache, Swelling

TCM Massage Price

We offer a range of different TCM massage price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.


75 mins Cupping Therapy / Gua Sha / Heat Therapy $158  First Trial $108

* Choose between Gua Sha, Ba Guan or Heat Therapy


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tcm massage meridian points

Stimulate Meridian Points

TCM Massage evaluates the health of your meridians and formulates an appropriate treatment to strengthen, unblock, or warm stagnant meridians in order to restore balance. When the body is balanced and healthy, Qi flows easily, but when it is blocked, toxins accumulate and health suffers.

  • Stimulate circulation & boost immune system
  • Detoxify toxin from organs
  • Improve flow of energy
  • Prevent illness & promote healing

Focusing on TCM Meridian Massage, the level of meridian energy indicates the health of the associated inner vital organs. 

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TCM Massage Singapore Review

TCM Massage FAQ

TCM massage is a safe treatment for all healthy adults/children who are seeking for a focused massage.

It can help boosts immunity and circulation for rejuvenation. It can also relieve pain and treat chronic and sub-health disorders.

From the tuina massage, there is no side effects at all.

The only potential side effect would be temporary “bruise like” symptoms after the Ba Guan or Gua Sha. It will leave a red mark on your body for a 4 -5 days.

Rest assured, these marks will gradually subside after a few days.

Gua sha is a natural, complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM treatment that involves using a massage tool to scrape your skin in order to increase circulation.

This traditional Chinese treatment method may provide a novel strategy for achieving greater health by treating problems like chronic pain.

In Gua Sha, a practitioner scrapes your skin in quick or long strokes to encourage the soft tissue’s microcirculation, which boosts blood flow.

They apply these strokes with a tool known as a gua massage tool, which has a smooth edge. The practitioner uses the tool to continuously scrape your skin downward after applying massage oil to your skin.

Gua sha is meant to treat the body’s chi, or stagnated energy, which practitioners say may be the cause of inflammation.

Numerous disorders connected to persistent pain are rooted in inflammation. It is believed that rubbing the skin’s surface might assist break up this energy, lessen inflammation, and accelerate healing.

Gua sha is typically used to the back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs of a person. It is even applied to the face as a moderate facial procedure. To gauge how much force you can withstand, your technician may start out gently and build up the pressure over time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice of cupping / Ba guan is frequently combined with massage and reflexology.

In order to establish a vacuum on the affected area, the procedure often entails applying suction through the use of plastic or glass cups.

The suction will draw blood to the skin’s surface, improving blood flow and revitalizing our body’s meridians.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the energy travels along twelve separate meridians in our body. Different diseases can be treated by concentrating on a single meridians or a group of meridians.

Cupping is a technique used in reflexology and massage to increase the effects of the main treatment for persistent muscle problems.

Yes we are more than happy to replace the massage therapist if required.

Do kindly inform us after the massage and we are more than happy to accommodate your request

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