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co2 oxygen facial

25% Fat Reduction | Eliminate fats resistant to diet & exercise

skin detox & face slimming facial

CO2 Oxygen Facial Singapore

co2 facial

What is C02 Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen facial is a specialised facial from Korean using CO2 to promote skin detox and face slimming. The Co2 gel works by penetrating skin barrier to promote cell metabolism to increase blood flow for effective skin detox. Our signature facial can help to:

  1. Stimulate blood flow
  2. Moisturise and brighten skin
  3. Increase skin oxygen supply
  4. Balance oil and moisture in skin

CO2 facial is one of the top facial to target age prevention and skin glow

Is CO2 Oxygen Facial Suitable for me?

Find out whether our signature facial is suitable for you

Age Prevention

CO2 facial can help promote skin detox and face slimming for younger appearance

Hydrate Skin

With increase oxygen into skin, CO2 facial can moisturise and brighten skin

Skin Brightening

CO2 facial can balance oil and moisture level to ensure skin glow

How does Oxygen Facial work?


CO2 facial uses a cutting edge substance delivery system that efficiently delivers CO2 to the skin by utilising a mix of two CO2 GEL components and a facial mask. The key ingredient is Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask.

Red blood cells carry oxygen (O2) to skin tissue after it has passed through CO2 that has been absorbed by the skin. It produces various skin repair benefits by utilising a number of methods, including vasodilation, increased protein synthesis, stimulation of fat metabolism, and stimulation of skin waste excretion.

With more oxygen, metabolism is more active and self-renewal is stronger, which may make it easier to treat skin issues, ageing, and scars. Easily absorbed by blood vessels, skin-derived CO2 dissolves and helps haemoglobin transfer more oxygen to cells.

Benefits of CO2 Oxygen Facial

The advantages of CO2 facial are:

Face slimming effects – Reaction of co2 gel densifies skin tissues

Hydrate & brighten skin – Balance oil and moisture levels in skin

Promote Blood Circulation – Vasvagal reaction to revitalise metabolism

Anti-inflammation – inhibit inflammation for natural skin healing

Detox Skin – CO2 absorbed into skin can help purify blood

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oxygen co2 facial step 1

Step 1

Apply CO2 Gel

Perform double cleanse on skin followed by Co2 gel application on skin

oxygen co2 facial step 2

Step 2

Mask Reaction with Co2

The sheet mask when in contact with oxygen gel will start producing CO2

oxygen co2 facial step 3

Step 3

CO2 penetrate into skin

Produced Co2 will penetrate into skin while mask will ensure it prevent from escaping

oxygen co2 facial step 4

Step 4

Promote hemoglobin to Oxygen

Co2 promote hemoglobin in red blood cells to promote oxygen which absorb into skin

Best Anti Aging Facial

Facial Equipment Salicylic, Lactic or Glycolic Acid
Treatment Time 70 mins
Recommended Sessions 8 sessions
Recommended Intervals Every 2 Weeks
Recovery Time Minimal down time

CO2 Oxygen Facial Price

We offer a range of different facial price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.



TYPE Usual Price  First Trial 
70 mins $238  First Trial $68


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how does co2 oxygen facial work?

CO2 BOHR Effect

CO2 encourages an increase in O2 supply, which is necessary for cell metabolism. The CO2 that is produced between the gel and the mask is retained by the gel and transported to the skin. This technique effectively delivers CO2 to the skin.

The BOHR Effect is utilised by the CO2 Mask. By increasing blood flow and allowing for CO2 penetration, this nourishes and oxygenates the skin’s deeper layers. Additionally, it enhances skin suppleness, cell growth, and skin barrier. There are three steps in the BOHR effect.

> Step 1: Activate CO2 bubbles on skin

> Step 2: Removes dead skin cells by the process of exchanging CO2 and O2

> Step 3 : Promotes blood circulation to deliver nutrients and oxygen


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CO2 Oxygen Facial Before and After

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

CO2 Oxygen Facial Review

CO2 Oxygen Facial FAQ

With CO2 Oxygen facial you will experience a dramatic visible skin transformation, with an increase of skin elasticity after a single treatment.

The treatment helps to brighten, plump and tighten the skin, clean up pores and remove toxins. It becomes an active vasodepressor and this reaction activates blood circulation which can serve to lighten facial skin.

This treatment can treat brown spots such as freckles as well as enhancing overall skin tone. It can be a stand-alone treatment or paired with any facial.

For those looking for facial treatment that have immediate benefits, CO2 facial is a fantastic choice. You will notice instant effects from just one treatment, such as more even skin tone, the reduction of small lines, and incredibly soft skin.

The more frequently you receive CO2 facial, the more consistently you will experience soft, youthful, and regenerated skin because the effects are cumulative.

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we take great pride in adopting a no pressure / hard selling experience.

As part of the customers’ comfort upon entering the premises, we adopted a no-hard-sell strategy. Our seasoned therapist will give you packages, but you will not be subjected to any unwanted coercion.

We consider product and service quality to be of the utmost significance.

CO2 Oxygen Facial Near Me

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