Body Massage (Aromatherapy)
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Body Massage Singapore

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What is Body Massage Therapy?

Our bodies will inevitably feel the strain from everything from sitting at a desk all day to working late. Our hectic schedule frequently results in:

    1. Higher Stress
    2. Higher Muscle Tension
    3. Migraine
    4. Body Ache & Knots

In order to harmonize and advance the health of body, mind, and spirit, we integrate the art and science of organically extracted aromatic essences from plants in our unique aromatherapy massage.

Recommended Full Body Massage

Find out why you should consider full body massage

Improve Sleep

Massage can help you relax and go to sleep more easily by calming your body and mind.

In order to benefit from a post-massage deep sleep, try to complete all of your tasks before you go for your massage.

Relief Swelling

Body swelling and knots are common due to long hours of working.

Aromatherapy massage relieves muscle stress and soreness, especially in the hip, lower back, and belly regions.

Relieve Pain

Muscle tissue is relaxed during massage, which lessens uncomfortable contractions and spasms.

Additionally, massage can lessen nerve compression.

Full Body Massage


The best-known massage technique for producing a total body relaxing effect is aromatherapy massage. The feet, legs, hips, back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are typically the emphasis areas. Applying light to moderate massage pressure. 

A full body massage causes the nervous system to release endorphins, which improve sleep, maintain normal menstrual cycles, and lessen cravings on the spur of the moment.

You can expect an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles and organs. Because tense muscles hold blood and lymph fluid, increasing blood flow can help to reduce muscle tension.

Benefits of Body Massage

The advantages of massage are:

Reduce stressfull body relaxation & relieve tension

Reduce soreness  – soothe muscles tension

Improve circulationIncrease internal energy

Improve immunity – Regulate heart rate & blood pressure

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How does Body Massage work?

body To body massage

Warm Up & Relax

Step 1

Put your body in a relaxed state. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, the therapist will evaluate your physique.

body massage oil

Aromatherapy essential oil

Step 2

In order to relieve tension, aroma essential oil is added to a hard pressure massage that involves long, deep strokes.

full body massage

Full Body Massage

Step 3

Acupressure, pushing, kneading, and gliding strokes used in conjunction to loosen up tight muscles and relieve pain and fatigue.

tcm massage 4

Unwind and Relax

Step 4

After our Signature Ginger tea, the aromatherapy journey comes to an end, leaving you feeling fully at ease.

Best Body Massage Singapore

Treatment Time 60 - 120 mins
Recommended Sessions 4 sessions Monthly
Recommended Intervals Every Week
Recovery No Down time
Recommended for Body Ache, Stress Relieve

Body Massage Price

We offer a range of different body massage price and package to suit all your needs. At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa, we firmly believe in transparent pricing and no hard selling.


60 mins $58 $71
90 mins $85 $107
120 mins $112 $134

* 60 mins aromatherapy essential oil is $13
* 90 & 120 mins aromatherapy essential oil is $22


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body massage oil

Body Massage Oil

We offer a range of organic essential oils to enhance the mind and body. You will alter positively when you use essential oils that have a high concentration of plant oils due to their scent absorption. Choose from

  • Lemongrass essential massage oil
  • Sandalwood essential massage oil
  • Lavender essential massage oil
  • Ginger essential massage oil

Your tissue becomes more flexible during our signature aromatherapy massage, which also helps to strengthen the structure of your skin and promote improved blood circulation

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Body Massage Singapore Review

Body Massage FAQ

During a full body massage, various parts of your body, including your arms, legs, hands, and feet, as well as your neck and back, stomach, and buttocks, may be massaged.

Please be aware that no massage will be performed on any sensitive places, including the breasts, the private part, or the area immediately surrounding the private part (as aligned with the laws in Singapore).

You have the option of requesting a male or female masseur in order to maximize your level of relaxation throughout the massage.

At Cosmo Medical Spa, we do not condone any unlawful acts with regards to unlawful massage service request.

Indeed, regular application of massage to the body has positive effects on one’s health. It can assist in enhancing blood circulation, helping the body relax, and doing much more.

The benefits of a full-body massage extend to your cardiovascular system as well. Massage causes vasodilation, which increases venous return and, as a result, boosts blood flow and oxygen delivery to all of your organs.

Your entire cardiovascular system will relax, and you’ll notice an improvement in circulation all throughout your body.

The “rest and digest” phase of the parasympathetic nervous system is active, which contributes to the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate. This phase of the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

Getting an aromatherapy massage while pregnant is not recommended, as there are certain risks when it comes to an unborn child. Massaging the wrong spots can induce labor or, in the worst case, cause a miscarriage.

If you are currently pregnant, it is highly recommended to choose prenatal massage instead, as it is designed for expectant mothers.

It’s common to feel uncomfortable or tight muscles after a massage, especially if it’s been a while or if you’ve never gotten one before.

Similar to exercise, massage pushes blood into your muscles, giving nutrients and expelling waste. This procedure can momentarily worsen inflammation (the body’s attempt to heal the injured area). This swelling may make you feel uncomfortable.

Typically, inflammation and pain endure for a few hours to a day and a half. The same remedies you use to soothe painful muscles after working out may also help soothe soreness following a massage.

Effective massage doesn’t have to hurt. Many massage therapists have received training in a variety of pressure and timing-based approaches.

Please speak out if a technique doesn’t feel helpful to you and instead just feels painful. We can change things. We might be able to spot a problem location, but we can’t feel how painful you are.

Additionally, share with your massage therapist any recent illnesses, prescription changes, allergies, and medical history. The effects of various massage techniques on your body may depend on each of them.

You will get the most out of your massage if you communicate with your therapist. Our primary objective is to make you feel better.

Yes we are more than happy to replace the massage therapist if required.

Do kindly inform us after the massage and we are more than happy to accommodate your request

Body Massage Near Me

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